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Dj Alex Dreamin with dj Flawless indian cut

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Rumors: French DJ David Guetta dating 22-year-old Florida model Jessica Ledon

Reports suggest that French DJ David Guetta and his wife of twenty years registered for divorce. But the well known DJ is now dating a lady who is just a bit older than his marriage. Well, recent reports suggest that David has been dating twenty-two year old model Jessica Ledon.

A leading website has reported that the two have known each other for two years – but as friends. Recently, it has been noticed that the 22 year old model has been accompanying Davis on the road.

Speakign to Billboard, the French DJ told that he still likes to party and have fun, and he is full of happiness. Jessica Ledon is a professional model with a Cuban heritage. The beauty is actually from Florida, even though not much else is known regarding her apart from the fact that she works for Talent Direct Agency in Boca Raton in Florida, and that she is a bit younger compared to Guetta. Read more »

Sza Sza-Dj Flawless-Return of the Mask

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Innerlude Hey Miss Lady Dj Cream vs Dj Flawless RmX 2oox

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Sum 41’s worldwide a huge boost for pop-punk band Gob

A 7 year gap between albums would mostly slow down music bands, but Gob has got new fans steadily, mainly because of guitarist/vocalist Tom Thackers involvement in yet another iconic pop-punk Canadian band.

Since the year 2006, Tom has played lead guitar and offered backing vocals in popular Canadian band Sum 41, a band he says has been great for Gob and its brand new record, Apt. 13, released through New Damage Records in August  Gobs very first album since Muertos Vivos in 2007.

Tom told that Sum 41 is more popular. There is a wider reach, so that exposed him to other people and she know a whole lot of Sum 41 super fans have really fastened on to Gob and served him out and helped them promote Apt. 13 in several other nations.

He added that it is cool because Gob has not gone to as many places internationally as Sum 41 has. They have been places such as Australia and Japan and it would be really awesome to take Gob across the world as well.

Formed in the year 1993 in Langley, Gob is drew up of co-founding members Thacker as well as guitarist/vocalist Theo Goutzinakis, along with bassist Steven Fairweather and drummer Gabe Mantle. In early 2000s, fun Gob tracks like I Hear You Calling, Oh! Ellin and Give up the Grudge were in constant rotation on MuchMusic. He added that those pop music would not have stayed without Soda, from the bands album Too Late  No Friends.

Underplayed & Underpaid episode 18: DJ Flawless, Seductive Sound Crew, Big D and Jake Oelrichs

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